Our Bespoke Collection offers the widest range of designs, from elegant Herringbones to bold stripes. Woven in 100% New Zealand yarn on our own looms in Somerset , we are very proud of the resulting collection.
Our designs and colour ways are carefully considered and created, allowing plenty of choice when finding the perfect floor covering for your home. Stairs and houses come in all shapes and sizes, and we fully understand the need to adjust the width of a carpet, or even substitute a colour to compliment your new decor. As all carpets in the Bespoke Collection are woven completely to order we are able to offer a high degree of customization.

The Bespoke Collection is using all our capacity and we cannot fully support the Studio Collection as a stocked service. All the designs will still be available, but as part of the Bespoke Collection, and we will weave them to order. This offers much greater flexibility on widths and the possibility of custom colouration. We do have some of the designs remaining in stock at the moment and of course they are still available at the Studio price. Please contact your stockist to discuss your requirements.

Please feel free to browse our collection, and contact your nearest stockist for more information, including sampling, colourways and quotes.

We are more than happy to send out samples so that you can see the colours and designs properly. Please contact your local stockist to request and we will aim to send these out the same day by first class post.

Please let your stockist know if you would like to see a design in a custom colour way and we will provide a print followed by a hand woven sample to show how it would look. Hand woven samples incur a small charge, however, the prints are completely free. We can even email you a copy of the print so you can see almost instantly how the design will look.

Please note that we definitely recommend you see a sample of your carpet before ordering, as colours on computer screens are not always accurate.

The Bespoke Range is woven entirely to order, which is why we are able to customize colours and sizes to suit you so easily. It does mean that we ask you to allow approximately 12 weeks for delivery, occasionally more at busy times of year. The minimum piece size that we are able to weave is the average stair length of 7m (10 yards minimum in the U.S.A).
Expert fitting is essential to ensure your carpet looks good and performs well. This is why we only sell through distributors who can provide an expert fitting service. Our carpets are robust and easy to maintain as long as they are installed correctly and treated with respect. With skilled fitting the carpets can be taken round winders and turns and mitred on corners to give a superbly tailored finish.
Carpets should be vacuumed regularly to avoid build up of dirt which contributes to premature wear. Any spills should be scraped off and/or blotted as soon as possible and then treated according to the substance spilt. Do not scrub at the carpet as it will cause a fuzzy patch, blot gently instead. Wool is naturally stain resistant and will mostly come clean with appropriate treatment, but if in doubt please consult a specialist carpet cleaner.