We are delighted to be able to offer a limited selection of our designs in our clearance sale. Every time we weave an order we make extra for ‘just in case’, so please rest assured that these pieces are all the same standard and quality as our made to order runners – nothing is ex-display or seconds.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have or send out samples directly, however please note we do not sell our runners directly. All of the below runners can only be purchased through our retailers. Click here to find your nearest showroom. Our retailers can measure, offer advice, and their skilled fitters will install for you. We strongly recommend only using our retailer’s fitters as these are specialist products that require specific skills.


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Sale! Adelaide 2

Adelaide – colour 2
78cm x 7m

£756.00 inc VAT
Sale! Amersham 5

Amersham – colour 5
69cm x 10m

£960.00 inc VAT
Sale! Artizan 4

Artizan – colour 4
69cm x 7.8m

£749.00 inc VAT
Sale! Beauport 1

Beauport – colour 1
57cm x 6.2m

£595.00 inc VAT
Sale! Bonnington 1

Bonnington – colour 1
70cm x 6.6m

£634.00 inc VAT
Sale! Brenzett 4

Brenzett – colour 4
55cm x 6.8m

£653.00 inc VAT
Sale! Cheriton 1

Cheriton – colour 1
69cm x 7.6m

£729.00 inc VAT
Sale! Cheriton 3

Cheriton – colour 3
69cm x 9.6m

£922.00 inc VAT
Sale! Coral 18

Coral – colour 18
64cm x 6.5m

£624.00 inc VAT
Sale! Coral 2

Coral – colour 2
69cm x 7.5m

£720.00 inc VAT
Sale! Coral 3

Coral – colour 3
85cm x 8.5m

£1,020.00 inc VAT
Sale! Cordwell 4

Cordwell – colour 4
50cm x 7.8m

£749.00 inc VAT
Sale! Cordwell 4

Cordwell – colour 4
65cm x 6.7m

£643.00 inc VAT
Sale! Dashwood 2

Dashwood – colour 2
60cm x 11.6m

£1,114.00 inc VAT